Dr. Hughes Fosters Dogs

For the past several years Dr. Hughes has worked with EnchantMutts Adoptions Inc. to foster dogs and find them their 'furever' home. In the past 4 years Dr. Hughes has successfully fostered and adopted out over 20 wonderful dogs who were looking for a loving home. Dr. Hughes is currently taking a break from fostering but we will let you know the next time she has a dog available.

JanieOctober 2017: Dr. Hughes found Janie in the Fall of 2017. Janie is a 2 yr old black lab mix. She is very sweet, loving, and fun! Janie is great with everyone including other dogs. She loves going on walks and play fetch. Janie was adopted in less than a month. She now has the loving home she always wanted

dr-and-jordi-sm.jpgMarch 2017: Jordi is a female German Shepard mix. She is between 1 and 2 years of age, and she is adorable! She is currently very shy around people, but when you get to know her she is very lovable. Jordi's favorite thing to do is to be hugged and cuddled. It took several months to find her a home, but Dr. Hughes found a perfect loving family for her.

sid-sm.jpgDecember 2016: Dr. Hughes latest foster dog  is Sid. He is a 7 month Australian Shepard, Border Collie Mix. Due to being attacked by another dog, Sid suffered a broken leg. Dr. Hughes fostered Sid and has found him a loving home with one of our patients. sid-new-red-sm.jpg

coco-standingOctober 2016: Meet Coco! He is a little dog with a big personality. Coco is a relaxed dog around the people he knows. He is the type of dog who would love to lay around with you. Coco does better with adults than children, and would be happy as an only pet. Coco found his perfect match by November 2016."

DrHughesShellyAugust 2016: Shelly is a cattle dog mix who loves people. She is very loyal to the one who takes care of her and their families. Shelly does well with kids and is a very relaxed dog. Shelly was adopted by a loving family who are patients here. She gets along great with the family of four.